Natural Resources Endure Shorter Recessionary Bust

Natural ResourcesResource investors were not immune to the pain of the latest recession, but, for them, it was more like tearing off a Band-Aid than slowly peeling one away.

The S&P Global 1200, a stock index providing a reliable measure of worldwide equity markets, peaked on Oct. 31, 2007. We all know what happened next: financial crisis, fear and economic decline. The bottom for global equities, or at least what we hope was the bottom, arrived some 16 months later. Natural resources stocks took a similar plunge, but more rapidly. The S&P Global Natural Resources Index, comprising 60 of the largest energy, metals and agricultural product companies around the world, peaked on May 19, 2008, and hit bottom (we hope) on Nov. 20, 2008, a mere six months after the slide began.

Energy Within – Using Geothermal Energy

Geothermal EnergyThis means of energy production uses the heat of the earth to generate power. Currently around 8,000 MW of electricity, with 2,800 MW in the United States alone. As with many other alternative sources, geothermal shows great potential. In a report released last year, the U.S. Geological Survey estimates that the geothermal potential in the U.S. alone is between 95,000 and 150,000 MWe (megawatts of electric power). A report issued just last year by MIT estimates the world’s geothermal potential using Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) at more than to be over 13,000 ZJ (a zettajoule is 1021) of which over 200 ZJ would be extractable with current technology.

Can Nuclear Energy Save You From Global Warming?

Nuclear EnergyJust imagine a world with abundant energy, enabling you to live the good life forever… Isn’t that what most of us crave? Nuclear energy is magic isn’t it?

Nuclear energy has no greenhouse gas emissions. The latest technology has made it safe and we can bury nuclear waste without worrying about radiation. Business as usual without doing any harm.


Well, is it?

Green Initiatives of Greenville, MS

The heart and soul of the Delta – that’s how the city of Greenville has come to be known. The seat of Washington County in Mississippi, this city of less than 35,000 residents has many things to its credit and among them are its rich history, a vibrant culture, and a strong community.

Greenville may be the heart and soul of the Delta, but it’s the people who make that happen. Greenville residents take immense pride in their city…The people whose sense of obligation and commitment to fellow Greenvillians has been written about…The people here spare no efforts in making their city a better and more beautiful place to live in.

And what will make a city more beautiful than residents who are environmentally responsible, recycle their trash, and keep it clean at all times? Residents who don’t think twice before putting on rubber gloves and picking up trash from the streets?

Here’s a look at some of the green initiatives of the city of Greenville:

Paper recycling: The city of Greenville took over the recycling program from a private company in March of 2013. As part of this program, the city started handling the pick-up of recyclable paper products. Why is the city so focused on paper recycling? Here are some reasons per the official Greenville website:

  • Around 500,000 trees need to be cut down to produce each week’s Sunday newspaper.
  • Recycling one ton of mixed paper saves the energy equivalent of 185 gallons of gasoline.
  • Every ton of paper we recycle helps save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4,000 kilowatts of energy, and 7,000 gallons of water.

For these and many other such compelling reasons, the residents of the city are asked to recycle any and all types of paper that includes cardboard, pizza boxes, cereal boxes, magazines, newspapers, shredded paper, etc. To help them along, the city has arranged for large bins to be placed at three drop-off locations accessible 24 hours a day.

Metal scrap recycling: The official Greenville website recommends that residents sell their aluminum cans to Sims Metal Management – one of the largest private recyclers in the country. According to the company website, they also specialize in bus, railcars, aluminum trailers, and electronics recycling in Greenville besides ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling. Additionally, there are many scrap yards in Greenville that help residents recycle their metal scrap safely and efficiently.

Keep Greenville Beautiful: The Keep Greenville Beautiful Committee was established way back in 1991.  Their goal is to coordinate, promote, encourage, support, and advance efforts towards beautification, litter reduction, and recycling in the community. The program runs various projects such as the Annual Clean Up Day that happens once every year on a designated Saturday in April; Adopt-a-Spot where people volunteer to adopt a spot or a street that they pledge to keep clean and litter free; and Litterbug Reporting among others. Needless to say, none of these programs would be a success if not for strong community involvement.

Green wheels: In 2012, the city of Greenville became a little more environment-friendly by signing a 24-month lease for Nissan Leaf – one of the best-selling 100 percent electric cars. The idea behind procuring a lease for the fully electric or hybrid car was to use it to promote the “greening” of Greenville. Not only was it supposed to be a model, environmental-friendly vehicle that emitted lesser greenhouse gases and consumed fewer fossil fuels, but it also aligned with the city’s gas budget.

Green living: It’s clear that the city wants its people to have a greener lifestyle and reduce their carbon footprint. That’s why it recommends do’s and don’ts like saying “no” to bottled water and Styrofoam cups, composting organic waste, using recyclable bags, and turning off computers at night.

One of the most endearing pictures on the city’s official website is that of volunteers posing with large garbage bags during an annual clean up day. The smile on their faces was enough to convey that these were a people who took pride in keeping their city clean and green!

Get Worth For Your Money, While Buying Or Selling Properties In India

India properties have augmented radically due to the boom in the construction of cities and towns. There are lots of estate and edifices developments, which are regularly being displayed on online classifieds that provides competitive prices. A lot of online classified websites are accessible on the internet. You can opt for any classified website like OLX to find out the best and affordable apartments and houses, according to your place of interest and necessity anywhere in India. Looking for the houses and apartments for sale in India at affordable prices, then take the help of the internet to meet your demands and preferences.

Increasing demand

It is a well known fact that the population of India is constantly increasing day by day. The demand for real estate, residential property for sale in India is definitely going to increase. In order to meet the demand, a number of developers begun several development projects in the country. Currently, affordable homes and apartments turned into famous. This is due to the fact that apartments are one of the preferred accommodations by people as compared to bungalows. These are simple and quick to maintain. One of the major benefits of homes and apartments is that these are affordable ones and equipped with all the modern facilities. Most of the people in India do not prefer to live in the joint families, they want to reside separately from the families, so they like to buy apartments and small homes as compared to bungalows.

Upload videos

Classified websites like OLX make promotion and marketing of their services and products like houses and apartments on the internet. They opt for the best and effective way of marketing like videos. They provide you an option to upload the videos of your apartments and homes, if you want to sell them and get competitive price for them. You can make videos of your properties, covering all the facilities in them. Once you are done with this, you can go to the official website of the classified website and upload the videos within a just a couple of minutes.

Buyers, who are interested to buy homes and apartments in India, can log on to the website and see videos on the site that will give them proper information about the properties. These classified websites are beneficial for both buyers and sellers because they help both by providing them best worth for their money, either for buying and for selling. Get More videos about the homes.

Recycling Centers Help save our Resources

We are undeniably using all of the resources Mother Nature has to offer and at an incredible rate. We here about the importance of recycling but many of us just do not take the time to stay on top of recycling. Today, you can contact recycling centers that will help you with creating your recycling plan by providing you with the information on the items that can be recycled. You may be surprised at all the items that can be recycled and do your part to save the earth’s natural resources.

There are several good reasons to use recycling centers. Among these include that fewer products will be used like plastic, paper, and glass which helps to reduce pollution. Recycling centers adds more jobs to the area. By recycling, you are slowing the consumption of natural resources and saving room in landfills while slowing down global warming. Not only will you be saving natural resources but choosing to use recycled products you will saving precious metals and other items like paper which helps save trees. For some, receiving money for their recyclable items is an added benefit.

If you are ready to start doing your part, you can contact recycling centers in your area and learn what type of products they accept. Some do not take all recyclable items, but some take all kinds of items.

No matter what you wish to recycle, you will find recycling centers that take many different items including plastic furniture, paper, cookware, metal shelving, old computers, vehicles, and more. Wouldn’t you like to save the natural resources so generations to come can enjoy our earth as much as you have? Then it is time to start recycling. Click to find a recycling center close to you.

Tej Kohli Real Estate, UAE Overseas Expansion

Have you run the business on properties and real estates? Perhaps, you can refer to Tej Kohli Real Estate to know better about the business and facilities owned. It can be wonderful to develop property and real estate business during the development of the industry. It is believed that real estate business may never die though in the middle of economic crisis. Yet, strategies and managements should be properly conducted to maintain good prospects in the future.

Tej Kohli, Personal and Business

As exposed to a name, Tej Kohli, you may wonder how the personality of this individual is. You can get to browse over the internet to know him and the business he runs across the world. As a businessman, Kohli has developed various branches of the businesses, including software, hardware, real estate, and services. These may add your reference to list things related on the management and handling of the businesses.

The launch of Tej Kohli UAE may gain better prospect considering that the country is known for higher income in the world. The United Arab Emirate is the manifestation of luxury, elegance, wealth, and futuristic. As such, it is not surprising that real estate business development in the country is potential.

Considerations of Business Development

As expected, there are several considerations why United Arab Emirate is chosen for real estate business development, among others:

-       According to Tej Kohli, UAE is potential for the real estate development because this country is wealthy on natural oil resources. So, it is potential investment to make where property buying decision is faster compared to other countries.

-       In the same line, UAE citizens love to wonderful designs and modern architectures. This surely may benefit Real Estate business in the area. The great desire of having wonderful designs over properties is expected to boom the real estate project.

-       The increasing needs for new lands and properties to own have made UAE is potential for Tej Kohli real estate projects. The needs may be influenced by wealth and higher expectation of living beyond the local standards of living.

So, as long as United Arab Emirates produces the oil and as a full-resources of oil, real estate business and project may never die. This is a potential business development overseas which is taken by Tej Kohli to promote and to increase faster return on investment. The surprise can be on how to supply workers and materials to the country. So, real estate on UAE is thriving business to work on and to maintain.

Celebrate Earth Day With Eco Friendly Promotional Products

9Just as society is focusing more and more on protecting the environment, there’s an ever increasing demand for eco-friendly promotional products. As a result, there have been hundreds of new eco-friendly promotional products introduced over the last couple years and more are coming out all the time. As with any new product category, prices of eco friendly items tend to be somewhat higher than their traditional counterparts. However, the price disparity between the two continues to decrease each year as demand and competition increases.

Just as in the retail market, there’s not really an widely established certification program to substantiate that a product is eco friendly. As a result, many suppliers have established standards for their products. Of course, there are some basics characteristics of eco-friendly products that help consumers in identifying products that offer better protection to the environment. These widely recognized characteristic include:

Reusable Promotional Products: When considering needs that have been traditionally satisfied with disposable or one-time-use products, look for alternatives which can be reused for an extended period of time. A great example of this is the use of stainless steel water bottles, aluminum water bottles and BPA-free plastic water bottles instead of disposable plastic or paper cups. One of the other key attributes to consider is whether your customers will WANT to reuse the products. Buying a reusable product that’s likely to be thrown a way is really no more responsible than buying a disposable product (and may be worse if the reusable product isn’t biodegradable). That’s one reason why water bottles are a great example. People like them and will reuse them. Another great benefit, many of these water bottles provide large imprint areas and often can be printed nearly 360 degrees around the bottle. Tote bags are another great reusable product that people are likely to keep and reuses.

Recycled Promotional Products: Products made from material that has been recycled are great eco-friendly options since they’re limiting the use of new resources and giving another life to previously used material. It’s important to recognize that some products may be made from a combination of both recycled material and new raw material. There can be a variety of reasons for this. Raw material may need to be combined with recycled material to enable the product to meet certain performance standards (e.g. strength, etc) for example. Recognizing this, suppliers will often identify what percent of the product is made from recycled material. When available, this information is typically found on promotional product distributors websites. There are a wide range of products made from recycled material including recycled tote bags like the Go Green Tote made from 100% recycled water bottles, recycled journals like the Evolution Journal with 100 sheets of recycled paper featuring the recycle symbol, USB drives with recycled cases like this See-Through Recycled Green USB drive and even recycled apparel like this Recycled Anvil T-Shirt made from 50% recycled polyester.

Sustainable Promotional Products: Sustainable products are those which use natural resources which can be replaced at a pace which keeps up with consumption. A prime example of what is widely viewed as a more sustainable resources is bamboo. Since bamboo grows rapidly, it can be more readily sustained especially in comparison to slow growing hardwood. There are a large number bamboo promotional products including bamboo picture frames, bamboo awards, and even bamboo apparel. Jute Promotional Products, like Jute Totes, are another example of products based on a more sustainable resource.

Biodegradable Promotional Products: While biodegradable attributes can be difficult to substantiate, there are some materials which will degrade more quickly in landfills than others. A great example of a biodegradable promotional product is the corn pen. The pen is made from plastic pellets derived from lactic acid, extracted from corn starch . The pellets are molded into products which, after use, are composted and biodegrade in the soil unlike traditional plastics. There are a few other corn-based products which are also biodegradable including this great soup mug. For an inexpensive eco-friendly giveaway, consider biodegradable golf tees!

Renewable or Recyclable Promotional Products: As more and more communities implement recycling programs, the concept of a recyclable product is becoming clearer and clearer. Depending on the material, certain products may be recycled with material reused for other products. This is also referred to as renewable. Just as household waste made from glass, paper, aluminum, and certain plastics can be recycled and renewed into other products, a wide range of promotional products also fall into the category. Aside from glass, paper and aluminum which are more easily identified, products made from other materials can often be recycled. Of course, the key here is that there has to be a means of getting the used products to someone who will recycle them. For that reason, it’s suggested that you look at your local recycling guidelines to determine the ability to take advantage of a specific products renewability. Many of the items we’ve already mentioned also can fall into this category including the corn-based products, aluminum water bottles and Go Green tote.

Whether it’s in recognition of Earth Day or to support the cause year-round, consider eco-friendly promotional products and eco-friendly awareness products like the eye catching

“how big is yours” foot print lapel pin for your next promotion. Even the lapel pin is eco friendly since it’s made using post industrial materials including scraps and trimmings that would normally be discarded!